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This service will look after general foot care, nail care and skincare in full detail.
A detailed medical history will be taken offering you a complete consultation, diagnosis and treatment in one appointment.

Verruca Swift Microwave Treatment

Swift treatment is 3 treatments, 4-weeks apart and a follow up appointment 12-weeks after the final treatment.Success rates achieved are 83%, where patients follow these guidelines.Verruca and warts are stubborn growths caused by the human papilloma virus.

Nail Reconstruction

Wilde Pedique is a cosmetic reconstruction system designed to support and protect fungal infected, weak and thickened nails. It is a podiatry only professional product, containing anti fungal properties which moves with your nail bed. The elastic nature of the UV gel allows the nail to continue to heal underneath, giving you a months of relief. Ideal for those suffering from trauma to the nail after surgery or running.

Gait Analysis

Treating Foot & Leg Pain, Knee Pain, Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain), Ankle Rehab, Bunions. State of the Art Foot Scan Technology is used to diagnosis your condition.
This appointment will combine various treatments such as dry needling, tapping and an exercise prescription to further assist you after the appointment.

Ingrowing Toenails

An ingrown toenail can occur when the edges of the nails curl into the flesh of the toe. It is painful and if left untreated it can become infected and lead to severe inflammation and pain in the toe.

Thickened And Damaged Toenails

Thickened or misshapen toenails can be caused by trauma or a medical condition.
A sterile electric file is used to reduce and reshape the nail.

Ankle Rehabilitation 

6 week ankle rehab for sprains or post surgery

Heel Pain Recovery Plan

Diagnosis and treatment of long term heel pain

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